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Our Services

Application Development

Our highly skilled developers are trained to translate customer requirements into an integrated solution that ensures that the customer existing SILO solutions will work hand in hand to provide a sound business solution.

Network Analysis and Optimization

We provide a service that ensures that our customer’s network solution are less complex and function optimally.

No business wants to experience slow email or internet issues.

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is also commonly referred to as a pen test (or ethical hacking) and is a method used to perform security testing on a network system used by a business or other organisation…

Network Support

Our customised SLAs provides suitable options for our customers network support. Our support packages are divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze which all workout suitably for our different customers whereby some will require a combination of the three.

Internet Security

Our partnership with various SOPHOs affords us the provision of a highly smart internet security solution which protects our customer’s network upto the layer 8 of intrusion.

Cloud Backup Storage

World renowned solution and is used by major online backup vendors across the globe as their preferred online object storage solution. It is 80% more affordable, secure and faster than any major competitors.


Our affordable WiFi hotspot packages make it easy for you to access internet conveniently where you are on the go.


Our fibre-to-the-home packages will get you connected comfortably in your home.

Fibre-to-the-business makes it easy for us to provide our customers with small to big businesses with affordable, faster and wireless broadband they require.

Fibre Optic

We lay fibre optic cable in the area where you live in so as to bring faster internet connectivity to your neighbourhood.

Cyber Security Protection

More than 50% of all organisations have fallen victim to cyber-attacks and that number is growing exponentially.

Let us ensure that your data and assets are fully protected.

Cyber Security Monitoring

We have extensive experience in CSMS (Cyber Security Managed Services) so let us manage your security, so you can concentrate on running your business.


A requirements collection model is used that involves consultation with the customer and the technical team.

The outcome of this process is a very precise project scope that ensures a smooth transition to the realization stage.

Risk Analysis

At Matdin Consulting we use a risk analysis tool that takes as input the details from the requirements collection model and returns as output possible risks of that particular project.

The risk is then ranked by financial weight. This allows the project manager to identify which risk can best be eliminated immediately and which can be tolerated.


Our highly qualified project managers will then use the outcome of the scoping and risk analysis to ensure a far more detailed project plan.

A well timed project plan will ansure less scope crip and project delays.


After all the scoping, risk analysis and planning is done. It is then easy to cost the project and ensure a figure that is fair and profitable.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are making money in all their projects


Hosted or onsite PBX systems, messaging services and TMS.


Utilising IP Telephony over various forms of last mile connectivity.

Card System

These cards and tags has been equipped with RFiD, giving each card or tag a unique ID that can be scanned by a device usually installed by the door.

Bio-metric Fingerprint

The great advantage of Biometric Fingerprint Scanners are that no cards are required. The user can never forget their card or tag at home.

UHF Vehicle & Product Scanners

These UHF tags has specifically been designed to stick to a vehicle windscreen, or perhaps any product that you would like to tag, thus making it very easy to install and not damaging the vehicle or product.

Facial & Palm Recognition

Our latest Facial and Palm Scanner is ideal for employee security and time management during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions to suit every need.