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We are an innovate brand

Our company's founding principles

We provide IT and Telecommunications services and solutions that are meant to assist our customers.

Our Mission

To be a service provider in this day in age that delivers the right service, at the right price and making a profit. By providing our customers with business solutions that will help them run their businesses with the highest level of agility, simplicity and efficiency.

Our Vision

Matdin Consulting seeks to be the primary driver of new technological solutions in Africa and to enhance the way business is done in technologically underprivileged countries of our continent.

Pindile Matrose

Pindile holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

He has vast experience in IT systems development and business solutions.
Telecommunications and mobile charging solutions.

“I am a self-driven individual, and I have always liked learning about new industries and their technologies. I pride myself in being a patient and inquisitive human being, this helps me persevere on projects and achieve workable solutions that other people might have given up on.”

To fulfill his passion for technology and its growth, Matrose opened Matdin Consulting through the observation that there were abundant opportunities opened up by the rapid-paced and fast-growing technology landscape.

“Since we’ve opened our doors, one of our biggest milestones to date have been signing a contract to provide IT security services to one of the biggest insurance service providers in the country.” Further to this, Matrose and Matdin Consulting have proudly developed the fully customisable and proactive DeskAlert app, which allows clients to communicate internally with their staff on security awareness campaigns.